Ways to Save and Make Money

I’ve curated a list of tools and websites I strongly recommend to generate income, cut expenses, and manage your finances. I figured I’d stick them all here for you to see easily. It’s very likely that if you were looking for something in particular, you might find two or three more that you’ll find useful. Just like the college tools and resources page,  I’ll be updating this page as I discover new websites, so definitely keep it bookmarked!


This is the first website where I made money online. I've been on it for over 7 years. You basically offer any service you can think of online starting at $5. They do the marketing for you, you just have to fulfill whatever you are offering!

Merch by Amazon

MBA is one of the greatest opportunities anyone can join in on, especially designers. Create a design, upload it onto products, and have it live on Amazon for tens of millions of people to find. You do have to request an invitation though, so get started!


Like MBA, it's an online shop where you can sell your own products. I use Etsy's integration with Printful to upload the same designs on Amazon onto Etsy. Etsy does the marketing for you, and Printful does the fulfillment.


This is the third platform that I use to upload my designs on. It's as simple as set it, and forget it. The only actual work it takes is coming up with the design, and then uploading onto the platform. Every month I receive a payment from them!


Upwork is another freelancing site like Fiverr where you apply to jobs that people have posted online. I've had good success with it, although, the only thing I do not like is the fact that you actively have to seek new jobs.