Essential Books to Survive

I actually enjoy reading. I haven’t read as many books as I’d like to, but I hope that’ll change after I graduate. I’m also hoping that you’re into reading at the very least as well. This page is going to be dedicated to all the books I’ve read that I found to be very influential to me in one way or another. I’ll be updating this page as I discover new books as well as ones that I am currently reading. 

The Millionaire Fastlane

This is the first book I read that really started to shape my mindset. It really puts into perspective the less stressful way to acquire wealth for a lifetime. It's a great first book if you're looking for some inspiration to get started on your first business too.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

One of the most popular financial books- Rich Dad Poor Dad really put into perspective for me what I should be spending my money on. The defined differences between assets and liabilities in this book were a game changer for me in my life.

The 4-Hour Workweek

The 4-Hour Workweek talks a lot about how to "outsource" your life. It is basically a manual on how to start a business and work your way from working the business yourself to hiring others to work the business for you while still making a living.

The Intelligent Investor

The manual to reasonable investing. I love this book as a startup for investors. It's something I'm diving a little into whilst most my efforts are targeted towards loan repayments. It has definitely taught me to be more logical with my investments.

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