About Major Survivor

We both know that college comes with struggles and that it’s not exactly a one straight path towards graduation. It’s more like an up circle with fallbacks and successes and meaningless loopty loops at times.

And while you may be majoring in engineering, art, or nursing, you also have a secondary major majoring in survivor.

Survive the classes of college.

Survive the money problems.

Graduated and feel like you’re completely done with college? Not even. Survive having to pay off all that student loan debt.


Welcome to Major Survivor- the blog where it’s all about surviving college and making stuff happen.
At Major Survivor, I believe that every effort should be rewarded and recognized, and that your own achievements should be badges of honor that you can wear with pride. That’s why I started a blog that’s a little different from the rest.

I am a physical therapy student who knows that it wasn’t easy to get to where I am today. I still am currently going through the difficult and demanding challenges of getting my degrees, and my plan is to survive.

And I want to help encourage others to survive as well.

As a result, I created Major Survivor to give people like you the knowledge they need in order to succeed in college. You don’t have to be on such a tight budget during and after college. In-depth college tips that I will provide can be utilized in just about any major out there.

We all share one thing: pride and aspirations of where we currently stand today.  Graduating is no where near of being an overnight success.  I’m still surviving the pressures and overcoming the struggles of college in order to successfully complete my major.

Stay strong and to keep moving forward with your aspirations.

I know that the struggle is real, but study hard now, and you can cry later (with tears of joy of course) after you’ve survived.

JC, founder of

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