5 Classes Everyone Should Take In College

5 Classes Everyone Should Take C

In college, you have a course curriculum, and included in that are electives. Fill those electives with something useful. If I could go back in time, here are 5 classes that I feel everyone should take.

Unfortunately my major in kinesiology was heavily medical and science based, but not everything in real life is related to those two subjects, right?

Years down the road, I wish I had taken so many different classes back in undergrad. A lot of the skills I’m working on now,- web design, blog writing, social media management, graphic design- these skills are basically being self-taught to me through my own research.

Here are five courses I feel every student should take:

1. Public Speaking.

Public speaking can be scary. It’ll actually be the only course on this list which I was forced to take. My public speaking class was titled “Speech 101.”

Throughout the course, we were required to give 4 speeches each related to a different purpose. To persuade, to inform, etc. Each speech subsequently was required to be longer and longer, and trust me, speaking for 7 minutes straight without any awkward pausing is superbly difficult. It made me admire any of those public speakers that you see on television.

It is without a doubt that in your lifetime, you’re going to have to speak in front of an audience. Whether it be an audience of 3 or an audience of thousands, but I know for a fact that you don’t want to look stupid in front of them.

The skills required to speak publicly can be lifelong acquirements. Knowing how to control your emotions and how not to fidget with your body language requires practice- and college undergrad is a great time for that practice.

Public speaking teaches you how to build confidence and speak clearly in a normal pace so that your audience can understand you. Speech 101- I give this class major props for helping me with all my presentations in graduate school.

2. Graphic design

Graphic design is a skill that almost any company out there can use now a days. It builds upon creativity and with a more creative mindset, you can use that as a gig to make money online.

We live in a world where graphic design is everywhere and I guarantee that simply taking one graphic design course will better your resume for applying to jobs. As briefly mentioned, it can be a great side income stream completely online that you can use to make some extra cash.

It was about 4 years after graduating from undergraduate school when I realized how in-demand graphic designers were- and the thing is that you don’t need super in-depth schooling to become one.

A lot of graphic design skills are acquired through practice- but I find that it would have been a major plus to have taken at least one graphic design course back in college.

3. Personal finance

This class is probably my most regretted class of not taking. Finance is everywhere and I cannot believe how financially illiterate I was especially after graduating from my undergrad school.

I may have been a graduate in kinesiology, but I had no strategies in mind for how to manage my expenses or pay off my loans. I had no idea how credit cards worked or how to write a check until my mother taught me. Interest accumulating on my student loans were a major surprise and I had no idea how it was legal for governments to accumulate interest rates like that and basically take my money.

It was only recently when I learned how mortgage works and how I should create and maintain a budget. Money is super important- and it is even more important that you become financially literate with your money!

If I could, I would even highly recommend this as a class that individuals take while they’re still in high school so that they know a little more about student loans before they starting pulling them out in college.

4. Professional Writing

I was ecstatic when my English classes were done and over with. I hated the literature classes; however, looking back at undergraduate school now, I wish I had take more advanced professional writing courses.

In graduate school, writing does not go away. I still find myself having to write papers and professors still notice a good writer from a bad one.

I wish it did not take so long for me to write these blog articles, but I feel that if I had taken a professional writing course, my writing skills would be improved and I would be able to write faster.

Clear writing is essential in almost every field out there that you choose to pursue. Good writing promotes good communication in any job. In addition, for graduate school applications, they will 99% of the time always require an essay.

5. A miscellaneous fitness/ health class

This fifth recommendation entices a bunch of potential classes to take: yoga, crossfit, any sport, running, cycling, etc.

Take a fitness class because any course that keeps you active is always a great idea. In addition, it may even help you discover new interests that may last a lifetime.

The fitness class I decided to take was crossfit and boy did I love it. It really was a different take in being active compared to going to the gym. I enjoyed the workouts, the routines, and the group activities. It pushed me a lot harder than doing 3 sets of 10 at the gym did.

The only reason why I’m not in crossfit right now though is simply due to the monthly price of it. A crossfit membership is a lot more expensive than a gym membership; however, I am sure somewhere down the future, I will be able to re-enroll into a crossfit membership spot when I acquire enough income for it.

So what do you think about these classes? Do you think you will find any of these useful? Share below what classes you would force everyone especially college students to take.

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