10 Ways on How to Stay Awake During Class in College Life

10 ways on how to stay awake in Class during college 2 It’s your first class in the morning and already you’ve gave off your first “Yawn.” The struggle on how to stay awake in class during college life is real and 8 a.m. is way too early for class. This isn’t the first class session where you’ve had regrets on choosing a class this early, but there was no other option. Trying to stay awake in class with no sleep is quite difficult to manage. I mean, it’s not like you were up playing video games all night, you were actually studying pulling off an all nighter! I’ve been there and done that and the majority of the reason on why I stay up late sometimes is because of school itself. As a college student myself, I’ve fallen asleep during class a countless number of times. Mouth wide open, and no shame at all. Through my college journey though, I’ve learned many tactics that have helped me to stay awake. To help you sleepless college students out, here are 10 ways to keep your eyes open during class.

1. Befriend Someone

This first tactic kind of comes with a perk- make a friend, but not just any friend- befriend someone who will wake you up if you doze off. In graduate school, I’m friends with my friend Matthew who still falls asleep during class (needless to say, I do too). Whenever either of us fall asleep, we simply tap and wake the other person up. Think about it like this: only true homies will wake you up on the important stuff during a lecture.

2. Stand Up

Although this tip may have you stick out like a sore thumb, I’ve noticed that standing is a guarantee in that you won’t fall asleep during class. As someone who’s been to both graduate and undergraduate school, I do, however, find it more comfortable standing in graduate school than I did in undergrad simply because I was more comfortable with my class. Plus, if you’re gonna stand, make sure that you sit in the back or towards a wall so that you’re not blocking someone else’s vision towards the professor. At first, some individuals may think of you as weird- and so might your professor, but at least your butt won’t get sore from hour and half long sit!

3. Sit Up Straight

A step-down from standing- sitting up straight actually requires more effort than just sitting effortless. This is probably the tactic that I use the most in order to say awake during class. Sitting up straight engages your core and diaphragm by allowing more air to enter into your lungs since you’re not slouched over. More oxygen entering your body hopefully will keep you more awake.

4. Draw Your Notes

This will probably only apply if you hand take notes- which is unlikely as hand writing your notes has actually become somewhat ancient now- but if you still do, incorporate drawings into your notes. Drawing gets your creative juices and keeps you awake by allowing your mind to harness its creativity. I used to do this before I reverted to computer notes. For each prompt, heading, or subject on your notes, try to incorporate at least one drawing whether it be a diagram, doodle, or even a stick-figure- just make it creative and relatable!

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions during class will help you with two things: one, you won’t be as confused with the homework or assignments you have after class, and two, it’ll give you the courage to ask future questions. I for one, always enjoy when others ask questions. it kills time and about half the time, individuals ask questions which I was pondering on as well.

6. Drink Cold Water

According to some studies, drinking cold water wakes you up just as well as getting splashed on the face with water. With this tactic, I bring an 18 oz water bottle with me every time I go to class. If you’re not drinking water during class, you’re probably not getting your recommended 8 cups a day…

7. Play With Your Pencil/Pen

Back in high school, we used to have pen spinning wars in my world literature class. My teacher would tell us, “Well, at least you guys aren’t falling asleep.” To stay awake during class, twirl your pen or pencil through your fingers. learn to spin your pencil clockwise and counter clockwise. I would suggest tapping your pencil, but this can definitely disturb other students trying to learn. Spin your pen or pencil with your hand in order to help you keep your eyes open during class. If you can’t play with your pen or pencil., try purchasing a fidget toy such as a spinner or stress ball. Any tangible item to physically handle will help you with your struggles.

8. Sit in The Front

How does sitting in front of the class help you stay awake? You’re less likely to fall asleep in front of the class since you will feel intense shame if the professor were ever to catch you sleeping right in front. He or she might call you out for falling asleep right in front, and before you know it, you’ll be on the professors watch list. You can either be on their watch list for a good reason or bad reason, but either way, sitting in front will have it’s way of helping you stay awake.

9. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

There’s no better time to start drinking coffee than in college. I personally started drinking coffee when I was in graduate school, and since then, it’s been a very helpful friend. In fact, my coffee mug that I use in school is the one here on the store.

10. Remind Yourself The Cost

This last tactic involves more of a mentality trick. Remind yourself how much you’re paying just to be in the class. Now ask yourself, are you paying to learn or are you paying to sleep? The two are drastically different and can probably sway your mindset as to what you truly want to be spending your college tuition on.

But if you’re gonna sleep…

But if you’re gonna end up sleeping in class, keep in mind these 4 simple things to at least be courteous to your professor and others. I know initially that it’s already rude to sleep in a professor’s class, but sometimes it’s just inevitable.
  1. Sit in the back of the class
  2. Ensure that you’re not a snorer
  3. Sleep in a position in which you’re not visually in direct eye contact with your professor
  4. Apologize in person afterwards for sleeping especially if you’re on their watch list
And there you have it! Ten ways on how to stay awake in class during college life. Ultimately, what you could be doing is getting enough sleep, but personally, I know there have been times where I get an adequate amount of sleep but still end up sleeping in class just because it’s so boring. You are not alone! Try your best to stay awake!

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